Why choose FotoCeramic?

  • We provide a fast turnaround and for small orders we can dispatch prints on the same day using a laminated covercoat.
  • There is no minimum order quantity.
  • Discounts available for duplicates and larger quantities.
  • Free technical support by phone or email.

The Process

  • We take your artwork or photos in digital form and reproduce these as a sheet of ceramic transfers. The maximum print area for each sheet of transfers is 280 x 400 mm
  • FotoCeramic uses the latest laser print technology and specially formulated ceramic toners to produce high quality digital transfers in CMYK.
  • FotoCeramic transfers can be applied to all ceramic and glass giftware, tableware, tiles and even candles!
  • Please note that as we are using high temperature stable colours we are not able to faithfully match the colours of the original artwork. In general the colours tend to fire darker than the original. This can be compensated for by reducing the black in a CMYK file. If you are new to digital ceramic printing we recommend that you run some test pieces to check out the colours.

Detailed instructions for using FotoCeramic prints can be found here.

Sources of bone china blanks for decoration are listed here.

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