FotoCeramic transfers use the waterslide process: -

  1. For best results wash the ware to be decorated before�applying the transfers.
  2. Carefully cut around the printed design.
  3. Fully immerse the transfer in clean warm water.
  4. When the transfer uncurls remove from the water.
  5. Slide the transfer from the backing paper and onto the ceramic article.
  6. Adjust for positioning.
  7. Squeegee the transfer to remove any water between the decal and the ware.
  8. Allow to dry for around 2 hours in a warm area.
  9. The transfer is now ready for firing.
  10. A temperature between 800 and 860�C is recommended for ceramics.
  11. Hold at the peak temperature for 20 to 30 minutes before cooling.

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